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Volunteer Individuals & Pilots Wing (VIP Wing)

The Texas Pilots Association's "VIP Wing" aims to lead Texas General Aviation (GA) NPO's in serving our State, and the nation, by providing support -through our membership- for community and educational efforts , emergency events, humanitarian causes and "flights of compassion", also to augment law enforcement and search & rescue efforts -when requested, and supporting legislative issues of significant impact on our over-all goals.

The Lecture Circuit: This effort primarily entails visiting educational institutions and other organizations, including NPOs, and "clubs" -by invitation- to educate people about aviation and its different business and non-business segments, and contributing (or supporting) industries and services. Furthermore, to inspire others to participate in the field or support its growth. For this task, we require professionals and enthusiast who are willing to donate their time for such prescheduled events. These prospect volunteers will either need to reside in Texas or be willing to travel to the state. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and inspiration with others through this effort, please contact us and advise us of your availability and preferred chosen venues and locales.

Discovery Flights... "Keeping the DREAM alive!": We believe that the best method to "recruit" new or young future aviation talent is to grant them their first taste of what it is like to  start their practical journey into aviation -starting from physically touching a aircraft or spacecraft (connecting imagination to reality)! This Discovery Flight takes them and a trained pilot on an approximately 30-minute-long flight to familiarize them with the airplane, the airport and the general awe of taking the controls of a safe and reliable aircraft, for the first time, thousands of feet above the earth! Once they continue to demonstrate the interest in the field, we will help them find the resources to move on to the next step!

Flights of Compassion: Many of the nation's charitable organizations utilize air travel resources from GA and the airlines to provide no-cost travel for financially-challenged patients.  During calendar year 2006 approximately 48,000 patients plus family members were served by the different components of these networks. Volunteer Pilot Organizations (VPOs) utilize volunteer general aviation pilots who either own their own aircraft or rent aircraft for use in serving needy patients.

One of the roles we serve as an organization is:

  • to recruit and orient volunteer pilots who want to serve needy patients;

  • to educate the public and the health care system about the availability of charitable medical air transportation;

  • to match together the needy patient and the willing volunteer pilot and assist in the mission coordination

  • to stay in touch with the patient or patient family to ensure that their needs have been met in a caring  and loving manner.

It might also be important to point out that...

  • Patient transport mission numbers are increasing 25% or more per year.

  • More volunteer pilots are needed in every region of the country.

  • We will work hand in hand with other volunteer regional and State groups and do not intend to duplicate functions.

Mentors:  We are seeking science, technology and engineering, and mathematics volunteer mentors who are interested in giving back to the community. We need experienced and committed professionals who can dedicate time and effort to mentor high school/collage level students who are interested in fields that cater to GA and AGA.



We are seeking a qualified volunteer member of The TPA to lead and promote the VIP Wing; these are the essential qualities we are seeking in such an individual:


1. Strong leadership ability
2. Ability to develop people
3. Excellent communication skills
4. Good interpersonal skills
5. Problem solving skills
6. Time management skills






If you are interested in exploring the possibility of being a volunteer with The TPA then please contact us with the details of your desire. If you are not able to volunteer your time or expertise, then perhaps you would be interested in supporting the organization via donating funds or being a sponsor... to learn more about supporting The TPA and its goals, please visit the "support page"









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